Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Nowadays hair loss is a prevalent problem. Around one third of the pollution is affected with hair loss. And among them, around thousands are women. Losing the crowning glory is more depression for women than men. Less or more, even the thought of it gives nightmare to many women. But have you ever thought of any ways to prevent this terrible experience. If not, then just read on this article to stay away from hair loss. First of all, it is important to note the factors that contribute to hair loss in women (as the factors are different for men).

There are numerous factors that cause hair loss in women such as medication, stress, health condition like thyroid or PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome), pollution, and deficiency of vitamins and minerals. So, if you have any medical condition then get the treatment for it rather than applying tips and remedies. However, if you don’t have any health issues and you are still concern about your hair then just apply the following tips and remedies to prevent hair loss.

Way to prevent hair loss naturally-

1 Indian Gooseberry
2 Almond
3 Sunflower Seeds
4 Oil Treatment
5 Henna
6 Rosemary
7 Avoid Frequent Styling
8 Handle It With Care
9 Avoid Strong Chemicals
10 Wash Carefully
11 Beat Stress
12 Hair Treatment
13 Diet
14 Tight Hair Style

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