There are numerous of contributing factors to the #aging process, but at the tail-end of them all is #oxidativestress. #Hormonalimbalances and toxins are what drive the metabolic stress that lead to oxidative stress, which damages the cell structure that causes tissue aging.

This is not just a theory, there happens to be experimental evidence that shows how oxidative stress contributes to the aging process. Oxidative stress occurs when the body’s antioxidants are outnumbered by reactive oxygen species or free radicals. These volatile molecules can be generated by multitude of endogenous and environmental stressors, including dietary deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and even #exercise stress. When reactive oxygen species or free radicals are high and antioxidants are low, they can cause direct damage to cellular structural membranes, lipids, proteins, and DNA.

In regards to skin and scalp aging, research has found that oxidative stress can cause progressive damage of cellular structures like the skin matrix. In aging skin or hair, the skin tissue experiences a decrease of melanocyte function, which leads to loss of pigmentation and decrease in hair production.

Therefore, the prevention of oxidative stress is key for the maintenance of youthful skin and hair and the reversal of the hair aging, both color loss and #hairloss.


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